Hi there! My name is Pavel Solomatin. I am a PhD student from Leiden University, math department. My principal scientific advisor is professor Bart de Smit from Leiden. My co-advisor is professor Karim Belabas from University of Bordeaux. I obtained my bachelor and master degrees at HSE, mathematical department. My scientific advisor there was professor Alexey Zykin. Here is my academic CV.

I am basically interested in the number theory. The following list consists of my main research interests, generally speaking they are related to number theory, algebraic geometry and its applications: class field theory and explicit methods, abelian varieties, curves with many points over finite fields, Jacobians of curves and their zeta-functions, L-functions of global fields and their special values, Drinfeld modules, cryptography and coding theory.

My current research is supported by the ALGANT scholarship program and concerns interaction between Anabelian Geometry and L-functions of Global Fields. Here you can read about my research proposal in details.

From March 2018 I am working full-time as software engineer at Dutch IT-company called Ortec. Here is some fun video from our OOT-bootcamp where apart from other people you can find my face.